Horse Shelter Supply Donation List

Now that we will have trail rides available in the off season and horses at camp year-round we need some shelters. 

Each shelter will be a three sided open shelter on skids so that not only will it provide winter shelter but also summer shade for our hard working camp horses.

These shelters will also be available to people who bring their own horses and want to camp and ride.

Each shelter will require:

(8) 2x6x14 Treated

(4) 2x6x10 Treated

 (2) 2x6x8 Treated

(2) 4x4x12 Treated

(5) 4x4x10

(5) 4x4x8

(14) 2x6x12

(2) 2x10x12

(6) 2x6x14

(6) 2x4x8

(8) 2x4x12

(8) 8ft steel sheet

(8) 10ft steel sheet

(8) 150″ steel sheet

(2) 8ft steel corner/gable trim

(2) 10ft steel corner/gable trim

(2) 14ft steel corner/gable trim

Donations of materials would be most welcome!