Summer Camp

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To review descriptions of the camp, please refer to our brochure. (Click button above.)

2023 Summer Camp Schedule

Leadership Camp              $295

June 11-16                8thand older

Wrangler in Training         $295

June 11-16                9th and older

Riders 1                                $420

June 18-23                4th-8th

June 25-30                4th-8th

July 9-14                    4th-10th

July 16-21                  7th-12th

Riders 2                                $420

June 25-30                5th-9th

July 16-21                  7th-12th

Riders 3                                $420

July 9-14                    5th–10th

July 16-21                  7th-12th

72 hour Riders                    $260

June 18-21                4th-8th

Tree House                          $320

June 25-30                4th-8th

July 9-14                    4th-9th

48 Hour Tree House          $175

June 18-20                2nd-6th

July 9-11                    2nd-6th

72 Hour Tree House          $210

June 20-23                2nd-6th

July 11-14                  2nd-6th

Outdoor Adventure           $370

July 16-21                  7th-12th

Explorer                                $370

July 9-14                    4th-8th

Night Owl                              $345

July 16-21                  7th-12th

Splash                                   $370

June 25-30                4th-9th

Day Camp                            $150

June 19-23                K-6th

June 26-30                K-6th   

July 10-14                  K-6th

57 hour camp                      $200

(new this year due to July 4 being midweek. Starts July 5, 8 am, ends July 7, 5 pm)

Treehouse                 K-6th

Horse camp               4th-8th


All multi-generation camps are $175 for the first 2 people in a family, $60 for each additional person.

Family Camp                      

June 30-July 2

July 5-7

July 28-30


July 7-9

Adults Only Camp

September 15-17

Camp Fees

A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at time of registration.

The remaining amount is due one week prior to camp.

NOTE: Check with your church for possible camp scholarships. No child or adult will be turned away for lack of money. If you are in need of a scholarship, please call 217-939-9706.


Yes – you can come to Riders 1 camp and come back to Riders 2 another week.

Yes – you can come to Riders 2 camp and come to Riders 3 camp if you are going into 8th grade.

Yes – Jensen Woods Camp is adhering to all CDC guidelines to ensure proper safety protocol has been taken.

What time is drop-off/pick-up? – For overnight camps, the pick-up and drop off times are 4 – 5 pm.
Family/Mother daughter camps the arrival time is 5-7 pm, departure time is 2pm.
Day Camp Drop-off 7-8 am Pick-up 4:30-5:30pm.

What do I need to pack? Packing List – Jensen Woods Camp

Contact Information

Kathy Crozier, Camp Director, 309-519-9516

Camp Phone: 217-939-9706


Early Bird Discount $20 -Register by March 31.

Previous Camper Referral Discount: Refer a new camper and receive a $20 Referral Discount. (Both campers must register and pay in full to receive discount.) Call 217-939-9706 for a coupon code.