2020 Year End Review

 2020 In Review

The 2019 camping season at Jensen Woods Camp was a ROARING success.

Little did we or the entire world realize what was coming in 2020…………..COVID.

Jensen Camp Foundation, our 15-member, volunteer Board of Directors and everyone who attended Jensen Woods Camp in 2020 had to make HUGE adjustments during the world wide pandemic.

As you review the list of ALL the accomplishments of 2020, you will see, even a world wide pandemic……….cannot keep a worthy cause, like Jensen Woods Camp

from growing and flourishing!

 2020 Cancelations

Camp closed to public March, April, May, 2020 (IL. mandated, Covid restrictions)

Cancellation of numerous activities & fundraisers:

            Open House

            Paddles for a Purpose

            Planned rentals on Jensen property.

            Participation in the Dogwood Parade, Quincy, IL

            Participation at Schuyler County Fair, Rushville, IL

            Participation in Brown County Fair, Mt. Sterling, IL

            Soup in the Woods – 2-day celebration

            20 campers received refunds of early camp registration fees.

            Mt. Sterling YMCA Fun Day at Jensen, 90 kids & support staff

            Participation in the Smiles Day, Rushville, IL

            Participation in the Mt. Sterling parade, Mt. Sterling, IL

            Participation in the Adams County Fair, Mendon, IL

LOOK at what we did accomplish in 2020!

Installed new security lighting in front of Dixon Lodge, Bunkhouse, A-frame.

(Penny Power grant)

Installed new & recharged fire extinguishers in all structures.

Replaced tarps on treehouses.

62.89 acres of farmland approved for return to USDA CRP production.

Began bathroom project in the Dixon Lodge basement/meeting room.

Opened, licensed & tested swimming pond.

Cleaned Garage at Caretaker’s House and new rock installed.

Repair/replacement of Siding on the A-frame (thanks to McNeff hunting friends.)

Installed special order bathtub in Caretaker House.

Successfully completed 2018 Audit (State of IL – Not for Profit rules) cost $5,000.

Successfully completed 2020 Insurance Audit.

Remodeled Caretaker House (extensive work) (Ken Kestner & volunteers.)

Reviewed timber harvest damage & impact on campgrounds.

Graded and spread gravel on farm and entrance roads

(Gary Welty Trucking & Central Stone)

Printed 750 Summer Camp Brochures for 2020.

Remodeled basement/meeting room Dixon Lodge – craft center,

            (New cabinets, countertops and electricity,)

Published 30 second video, for TV, churches, internet, etc. (Randy Phillips)

Received Free web support. (Matt Vigor)

Hosted Quincy Faith Baptist Youth weekend.

Received a 2-door side by side Gator (Anonymous Donation & Tracy Family Grant)

Accepted a $20,000 water line grant. (Feldheimer Trust)

Purchased 2 mounting blocks for horse arena use. (Thrivent Grant)

Purchased and installed solar lights & vents for horse barn, small shower house,  

entrance sign.  (Penny Power Grant)

Built 8 campfire benches. (Morey family)

Enrolled in Pollinator program. (USDA – farm committee)

Rented Caretakers House for 8 months to essential workers.

Rented RV sites, May – October, to essential workers.

Increased numbers of renters at the bunkhouse.

The township installed a new culvert at camp entrance.

Received a projector & screen donation. (Timewell Baptist Church)

Purchased dump tank for RV renters. (grant funds)

Honored Ken Kestner as our first “Volunteer of the Month”

Fenced extra pasture for rental pasture of horses.

Purchased new phones in office, Dixon Lodge, and kitchen.

Produced and sold 48 jars of maple syrup, harvested & produced at Jensen Woods

(Jim & Kathy Crozier)

Filed for and received JCF tax exempt number.

Received grant to upgrade Electric grid and plan to install 4 new RV sites

        (Penny Power Grant)

Trimmed and cut trees. (Adams Electric crew)

Received bigger, covered dumpster. (Jennings Bros.)

Hosted Methodist Women’s group – district meeting.

Hosted Girl Scouts Day at Jensen Woods

Stained Bunkhouse wrap around porch (Home Depot Staff)

Leveled Bunkhouse wrap around porch (Board members)

Installed new railing on north side of Bunkhouse. (Jim & Kathy Crozier)

Installed a gorgeous, new sign at camp entrance.

(Vernon Branson & Home Depot)

Re-stacked stones by camp entrance sign. (Board members)

Received donation of 4 Mini refrigerators and microwave combos for bunkhouse

units. (Vincent family)

Received donation of an 8-seat pull wagon. (Johnny Vincent)

Installed a drop box outside office door.

Gave an in-person tour of the camp & visit by two of our original donors.

Worked on Landscape around the entire camp.

Supporting churches rose from 10 to 50.

Board members participated in surprise visit to sing Happy 102 birthday to Helen.

Advertised the camp in the 2021 Travel Tour Guide book, distributed in IL & MO.

Raffle of a grill and sold HyVee coupon books. (fundraiser)

Held a Texas Roadhouse fundraiser.

Created the Danette DeMoss Molidor Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Hosted a 2-day “Fall FUNdrive.” A drive through tour of camp & meal.

Awarded 3 winners $100, $50 & $50 camping credit for summer of 2021.

Continued planning for completion of Faith Garden.

Awarded Tracy Family Grant for new lighted signs on camp and roadways.

Successfully completed camp licensure.

Hosted a Site Visit with the Tracy Family Foundation

Received Community Foundation Grant for Dixon Lodge bathroom addition.

Renewed membership with the Quincy Chamber of Commerce.

Produced a video for Quincy Chamber of Commerce.

Hosted a Virtual Painting Party fundraiser.

Hosted a Facebook Fundraiser.

Set up a booth at WGEM Home Show (3 days.)

Replaced the ice machine.

Received a Breakfast Kiwanis grant. ($450)

Purchased 2-wheeled cart, cordless drill, hoses & bungee cords (Thrivent grant)

Changed to budget billing for FS fuel.

Created a scholarship policy, since inception – NO child/adult denied camp  

admittance, because of lack of funds.

Awarded a Samantha Otte grant for playground equipment.

Tracy Family Foundation grant for Bootcamp Not for Profit Training


Because of Jensen Woods Camp’s intrepid Summer Camp Director, Kathy Crozier, the hard, working camp committee and innumerable volunteers we were able to hold camp June/July 2020. Two things stand out as being “silver linings”; first we were able to spend a great deal of time with our high school counselors in training. The students had fun, grew in faith and developed leadership qualities.

We look forward to seeing them again in 2021 and to the time where we are able to put some of them on staff.  The second “silver lining” is that we were able to host families. There is a lot of evidence that camping builds the connections in families and we were able to provide a no-fuss camping experience that not only brought families closer together but also allowed them to grow closer to God.

Jensen Woods Camp is unique, in that we have 4 treehouse campsites. Oaks, High  Low , & Hidden Pines, each having 2 treehouses on their sites. In June, a family group (or those who had quarantined together) could camp at a treehouse site, have food, crafts, supplies brought to them and social distance from others. They were able to enjoy the great outdoors, that God provides us, and still remain safe  within Covid restrictions. Groups delighted in horseback riding, swimming, fishing, archery, worship and enjoying each other and nature. It was an opportunity to walk another mile with God.

As each group left the treehouse site, it was cleaned, disinfected, and allowed to remain empty while the next group occupied the 2nd treehouse.

In July, our weekend and weeklong camps were converted to day camp, so that children could get outside and enjoy the freedom of fresh air and physical activities. Jensen Woods Camp hosted 70 children and adults during June/July.

As you can see, the year 2020 was unforgettable at Jensen Woods Camp.

Jensen Camp Foundation, Board of Directors:

Gretchen Forsythe, President, Morris McClelland, Vice President, Brenda Williams, Treasurer, Julia Fitzgerald, Secretary.   Board Members: Ruth Demoss, Julie Fessler, Andy Clayton, Jan Welty, Sherri Young, Sidney Crowcroft, Mark Vincent, David DeMoss, Diane Royalty, Deane Morey and Brittany Lane